Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Tale of a Little Pot

Did I grab your attention?  Ha...maybe I'll get a few interesting new readers with that title!
I meant this kind of pot you sillies:

I was wandering around Lowe's the other day when I came upon a whole display of these little balsam trees on clearance for $1.50!  I took him home but didn't really like the look of the dark metal pot.  So, I did what I do.  I painted the whole pot a creamy white:
Once it was dry I distressed it with sandpaper, hitting some spots more than others.
I still felt it wasn't quite right.  I wanted it to look a little older and rustier.  I know this seems like a whole lotta work for one little pot.  Believe me,  I already heard it all from the hubster.  But what else do I have to do?  Laundry?  It can wait.
I took two paints, Burnt Sienna and Terra Cotta, and mixed them together and began dry brushing them onto the pot.  

On a side note, are you totally jealous of my manicure?  Sis is taking appointments now. :)  I guess that's what you get for buying a three year old nail polish for Christmas.
Total cost $1.50!  I had everything else on hand.  Gotta love when that happens.
I feel like Scary Pig (aptly named by Sis) likes his new little friend.  And I like the pot better all rusty and old looking.

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