Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Stairs!

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Oh my Lawdy!  I feel like I have abandoned this little blog!  I have just been crazy busy lately.  

I FINALLY finished this project and wanted to write about it!  I  have longed dreamed about doing something with my stairs.  Ripping the whole thing down and using a ladder even crossed my mind.  I mean really, the boys would just love me!  Or better yet a rope swing.  They could just swing down like Tarzan in the morning.  Coolest mom EVA!  No worries I haven't totally lost my mind.

Here are my lovely stairs before:

Snooze.  Not to mention the three crazies that live here and that horse of a dog have wreaked havoc on that carpet.

So while the hubster was recently on a trip I went out and bought myself a can of poly shades in Bombay Mahogany and a can of white gloss paint and went to town!  I also painted the little wall green to match the rest of the walls.  'Cause that beige wall covered in little hand and foot marks (I was blessed with climbers) was just nasteeee....

Here is what he came home to. 

I'm gonna be honest here, I was pretty stinkin' proud.  Do you know what he said? Do you?
He said "You made the stairs look to good, it just made the carpet look worse".  Serious.  Like a heart attack.  
Okay pull on your Pollyanna undies cause...
                            I'm getting new carpet!  
oh yeah, oh yeah...

So after 800 trips to every local carpet place within a 50 mile radius, my stairs now look like this.

Did you notice all the "junk" on that goofy plant ledge?  It is a hobby of my boys to see if they can land helicopters, planes, wrappers, window crawlers, etc. up there.
The joys of boys.

One last before and after:

What do you think.  I'm loving them!

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  1. Great blog! I love your style - you have impeccable taste. So glad I found you at Kim's party! I'm a new follower. Pop over for a visit sometime.

    1. Oh my gosh, you are my new bestie :) Love your blog also! I'm your newest follower too!

  2. You worked a miracle on your stairway. It looks fabulous! And you deserved new carpet.

  3. Wow! What a difference! It's feels so fresh and clean! Perfectly match the place. :)

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  4. Okay girl, I like your style! (Your life sounds a lot like mine!) This staircase makeover is ah-maz-ing! So, did you have to sand those rails/posts like crazy? It really looks like a huge amount of work, but totally worth it! Thanks for sharing! ~Lori

    1. LOL! Thanks. In the interest of full disclosure I am just so incredibly busy (i.e. lazy) that I used a liquid sander with a little hand sanding to cut corners and REALLY should have sanded more. I'm sure I will be constantly "touching" them up since they chip fairly easily when a child decides to, oh say, drag a lego ship the whole way down the rail. The. Whole. Way.
      But hey, they sure are pretty when the kids leave them be. :)

  5. Just awesome!!!! You are my hero!