Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tales of a bored housewife...

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Maybe that's what I should have titled this little blog.  

I will do just about anything to avoid housecleaning.  Anyone with me?  Can I get a "holla"?  

Anywho...Instead of tackling laundry mountain or vacuuming my ever dirty floor I wander around my house trying to find little projects.

Don't get me wrong, every morning I spend some quality time with some special friends.  As soon as the wee ones are off to school we cuddle up on the couch together...okay I admit it...these "friends" are a cup of coffee and pinterest.  sigh...good times, good times.  

Before I begin totally rethinkng the direction my life is heading let us take a quick peek at my cutie patootie project.  

I saw this little number while spending time with my buddy pinterest:


Do you see a little project in the making?  Me too!  Actually I see several but let us not get ahead of ourselves.  It was the little etc. basket that caught my eye first.  I just knew I could do something similar with things I already had at home.  So I turned to some trusty tools.  

Enter my ancient hobby lobby stencils, my much loved sharpie marker, and a sea grass basket I bought a while back at Target. 

My little loveys are incapable of coming home and putting their shoes in the shoe closet (that is literally feet away).  So my entryway always looks like a shoe war zone. 

Exhibit A:
(and this is a good day-usually the hubster's shoes are also among the casualties)

So  I bought this little basket thinking they could just toss their shoes in.  Easy peasy right? 

Exhibit B:

Are you kidding me?  GRRRRRRR...

Oh well.  So rather than deal with the real problem; my children's lack of organizational skills, I decided to purdy up the "shoe basket" instead.  Are you seeing a theme here?  

Ta da!

At least she looks a little cuter with that one dusty lonely pair of flip flops in her and the scattered muddy, dirty, stinky boy shoes thrown in front of her!
Now...on to the next project or I may be forced to wash dishes!

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