Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Made That!

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Here is the scenario...It is 8 o'clock and time for bed.  All of a sudden one of two things happen.  

1)  The stars align and all three kids begin playing beautifully together.  This is not normal around this joint.  At any given moment one child (or many) has wronged the other(s) and screaming and general mayhem ensues.  But when the clock strikes eight they become the best of friends. can I put you monsters into bed when you are finally (probably pretending) to enjoy each other.  

The second thing that occurs quite frequently is the "I FORGOT ___________".  Fill in the blank with any nonsense that would make an exhausted woman yank her own hair out.  

Does this happen to anybody else?

Last night fell into the second category.  Mister 10 realized that he had told ALL his friends that he was going to wear a Hunger Games shirt to school tomorrow.  We don't have  school on Friday- We are officially calling it Hunger Games Day.   

Seriously.  Child.  You are lucky I love you.  

I had bought Heat Transfer stuff (probably not the official name) for my Silhouette so I shakily got out all of my materials.  I Gotta be honest here, my Silhouette scares the beejeesus outa me! Irrationally so. I can't figure it out.  Expensive equipment will do that to me.  

But it worked!  I am singing it to the heavens y'all!  30 minutes and those little monkeys were tucked up into bed wearing their new shirts.  HA, take that!

And just for fun...I'll give you one guess as to what kind of lovely mood mister 8 was in this morning.

Oh well, at least that nasty attitude has a cute shirt on it.  MADE BY ME!!! 
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