Monday, March 19, 2012

A Little Morning Swim

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I hate cleaning.  There I said it.  
At any given moment my house looks like it has been ransacked. 

Picking up after the ruffians that reside in this house is exhausting.  

Yes, I referred to my children as ruffians.  Anyone who can't manage to pick up their own underwear or those choosing to wipe their noses on the couch pillows will hereby be known as such.

I especially hate cleaning bathrooms.  Yeech...there must be some scientific reason for my spawn's lack of aim.  
I frequently try to assure myself that it simply cannot be that they are that disgustingly lazy. But, I know a lie when I hear one (especially one that comes out of my mouth).

Not only do I have to go around flushing toilets (when did we forget the golden rule: If it's brown flush it down?) but there are always toys in the sinks.

Today is was a herd of cattle.

Wuz up cows?  
Are you clean yet?

Look clean to me.

Good 'ol Erma, she sure had our number.  Maybe our house does look like an episode of hoarders but at least we have some damn clean cows!
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  1. Well, if you're gonna have a herd of cows in your bathroom, they need to be clean. My 18 year old son's girlfriend came to visit one evening. Upon using the restroom after she had, I happened upon the bowl of dry cereal on the bathroom counter. My 8 year old had left it there on her way to the kitchen. The bath room and the kitchen on are different floors of the house. I can't expaline the reasoning behind it so I just said "just so you known, we don't always have cereal in the bathroom. And left it at that. She can chose to think it was special b/c she was visititng or it was just dumb luck it happened to be there on a night she came over. I would be embarrased except I have too many kids doing way wierd stuff to care anymore.

    1. Ha! A little corn flake appetizer just for special guests! She really should have felt honored ;) I love it

  2. I was sooooo afraid that first picture was a sink full of pee!!!! Found you at finding the funny!

    1. Oh, we've had that before too. Nothing like walking in to find your four and six year old standing on the counter trying to aim into the sink. They don't have good aim when the bulls eye is only six inches away, don't try and double the distance! How they come up with these "fun" activities is beyond me. I think the thought process might throw me over the edge. Thankfully it was only cows this time around. Thanks for the comment.

  3. This was funny! My boys are always cleaning something in the sink. I have a hard time making the house look spotless. It never is! But...we are trying to sell our house, so I have to make it spotless. It makes my head hurt big time. So glad you linked this up with us over at #findingthefunny!

    1. Before I had kids I thought the old joke about frogs and "stuff" in little boys pockets was just silliness...and then I had these two! When they proudly bring you a squirrel tail (yup, just the tail) and you begin to gag while they just stare at you quizzically you realize it is ALL true!!! ;) I feel for ya! Hopefully you sell fast cause that is a losing battle!