Friday, February 3, 2012

Old Window Love

I have a weakness when it comes to lamps and old windows.   I just can't turn a good one away.   
So, late one afternoon I was coming home from a successful couponing venture (yes, I am that crazy coupon lady) when I spotted two old chippy windows sitting next to some one's trash cans.  Brakes squealed, and one crazy coupon lady almost fell out of her car to rescue two beautifully aged windows from certain demise...pant...pant...pant.  
This weakness all started a couple of years ago when the hubster rescued this window from some one's trash and my window obsession was born.

This is actually the back.  The front had been painted barn red and the previous owner had stapled cardboard to this side and filled the inside with dried flowers.
When I ripped the cardboard off and saw this green I fell in love.

Sorry for all the glare on these pictures.  On a little side note, while taking these pictures I noticed that mister 10 has been busy decorating also:

I'm not sure when he turned his brother into Dr. Oz, but that boy sure can make me giggle!
okay, back to my windows.  My new beauties had so much paint on the glass that it took literally a week and  five razor blades to scrap it all off.  There were two panes of glass that broke in the process but I finally got them up and ordered 12 5x7's of the kiddos to put inside.

Grrrrr....after all that the pictures were waaaaay to small.  We have a two story entry way and these are in the upstairs hallway.  I wanted a bigger impact.  After a trip to hobby lobby for two new panes of glass and a rather pricey order for nine 8x10's (the hubster of course is grumbling the whole way), I scrapped my original idea for this:

Because of the cost of the 8x10s I decided to only buy 9 and make a quote (it says "I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck"-in case you can't read the quote) on my Silhouette to place in the blank spots.  

Our silly dog felt the need to get in on the photo action.  She is as bad as the kids when it comes to photo ops.  I had to hang them high because my lovey doves  are anything but careful.  And after all this the last thing I wanted to hear was a loud crash followed by a very quiet "". 
Gosh, they look really high in this picture though.  I don't feel like they look this high in reality.  Does the camera add ten pounds and six inches - that's what she said ;)

I used these scrap booking photo corner thingies to hold the photos in place.  That way I can change out my pictures if I ever feel the need.  Just reverse them from the way you would if putting them in a book.  That way the sticky side is to the glass.

*sigh* it always feels so good to complete a project and fall in love with it.

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  1. Hi Jen, Lovin' your Old Windows! Featuring them tonight at Project Queen's Highlight Party. Thanks so much for linking them up!