Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello blog land!

Well, after obsessively *ahem* I mean faithfully reading the many oh so talented blog gals out there I decided (was forcefully coerced by my adorable little sister) to begin my own bloggy adventure -ummm...side note, Why should spell check say bloggy is not a word?  Little do they know...uh oh, you guys may be in for a long ride are you buckled up? 

My hope is that this lil' bloggy (darn you spell check, I will NOT submit) will be an awesomely fun way to look back on my many decorating victories and disasters, and there will be disasters, oh you betcha.  But hopefully there will be more good than bad (at least I will try to convince my husband of that). And a reflection of the ups and downs of staying at home with my three little crazies.  A little of this a little of that, right?

To be honest, I am feeling a little anxious about this new little adventure, something along the lines of: 

                                                                    image By Xanboozled

Yes, dear doggy friend I feel your fear.  

With three wild and cah-razzy kiddies my house seldom looks like something out of a magazine, unless it is an issue of Barbies Gone Wild (why must they always be nekked?).  So what, might you ask, do I think that I am doing? Here among the ubber talented?   Well, I might answer, someone needs to keep dreaming up new projects to keep my hubby busy, who better than me?  It is a past time of mine to watch the many expressions that play out on his face every time I utter the dreaded words..."so, I've been thinking". hee hee. Thank goodness he loves me! So....Heeeellllooo bloggy land (just one more time to send spell check over the edge)

Wish me luck as I ramble my way through my days, sometimes they feel endless, especially these short winter days.  I feel like bedtime will never come.  

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  1. Good luck with your blog! Looking forward to seeing more diy projects!