Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teacher Gifts on the Fly

Well, there I was cuddled up in bed last night just about to drop off when I suddenly realized that little miss 3's last day of preschool before Christmas break was tomorrow!  CRAP-OLA!!!
I knew when I woke up the next morning I had to work fast on a very tight budget.  I printed out this sheet music from the fabulous graphicsfairy  (My heart loves that woman!)

I then hi-tailed my fanny to the grocery store where they had poinsettias 2 for $5!  SAH-WEEEEEET!  I just wrapped the sheet music right around the lovely crinkly red foil and tied it off with burlap ribbon from Walmart (I need to buy stock in that awesomeness!) that I had leftover from fall decorating.  Stuffed miss thing in her most sparkly holiday outfit and ran off to Starbucks. 
2 Ten dollar gift cards for 2 very patient teachers...check
1 Grande Peppermint Mocha pour moi...check (I probably worked off all those calories running around like a crazy person, right?)
The feeling of calm that can only come with an enormous dose of overly priced, overly fattening, cup o'deliciousness...priceless!
                                            Finished product

So now Sis is off to school with what will hopefully pass as a lovely and thoughtful gift.  Whew, another crisis diverted.

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